Solar BAE Term Financing-i

Save on electricity bills to lower your operational expenses and save the Earth by purchasing and installing a solar panel system for your commercial property. Apply for our Solar BAE Term Financing-i, a special financing package with attractive rates to finance your solar panel system.

This product is in line with BNM’s application of Value-based Intermediation (VBI) practices which aims at delivering intended outcomes of Shariah through practices that generate positive and sustainable impact to the economy, community and environment apart from supporting the government’s initiative to encourage Malaysia’s Renewable Energy uptake.


  • Attractive profit rates:
    • BFR - 2.52% for financing below RM300,000; and
    • BFR - 2.57% for financing RM300,000 and above.
  • Payment period of up to 15 years
  • Margin of financing up to 100% of the Solar panel system price
*BFR is subject to change when there is a change in Bank Negara Malaysia’s Overnight Policy Rate


  • Existing Term Financing-i/Fixed Loan customers of Public Islamic Bank/Public Bank
  • New customers may refinance their commercial property with Public Islamic Bank to be eligible for Solar BAE Term Financing-i
  • The Solar panel system must be purchased/installed by solar companies listed with the Bank
For further information on financing, visit your nearest Public Islamic Bank/Public Bank branch.

For further information on the solar panel systems, contact the Solar Panel providers as follows:

•    Helios Photovoltaic Sdn Bhd: Toll Free Number at 1-300-80-1168.
•    KPower Engineering Sdn Bhd: General line at 03-6203 2929. 
•    Itramas Technology Sdn Bhd: General line at 03-5569 8806.
•    Pekat Solar Sdn Bhd: General line at 03-2300 8010.  

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  Financing Rates

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