Enjoy smooth business transactions under our Shariah compliant trade financing products with worldwide acceptance by the international business community owing to our extensive network of correspondent bankers and experienced personnel

Letter of Credit-i (LC-i)

The Letter of Credit-i, which is under the Wakalah (agency) concept, is a written undertaking where the Bank acts as an intermediary between you and the seller. Funds, which are paid in advanced to the Bank, will be released to the seller when the terms and conditions of the LC-i are complied with.

Bank Guarantee-i (BG-i)

Under the Kafalah (guarantee) concept, the Bank guarantees the payment to the beneficiary in the event of default from the customer. It is a written undertaking by the Bank to vouch for the payment on behalf of the customer.

Shipping Guarantee-i (SG-i)

An indemnity by the Consignee (customer) joined by the Bank, to the carrying vessel that allows the goods to be taken before the arrival of the original transport documents. Governed also by Shariah under the Kafalah (guarantee) concept, the Bank guarantees the performance of the Consignee.

Trust Receipt-i (TR-i)

Trust Receipt-i is a document of trust provided by the Bank and signed by the customer, which allows the customer to obtain release of merchandise. A lump sum payment is also made at a later date. Governed by Shariah under the Murabahah (cost plus or mark up sales) concept.

Accepted Bills-i (Purchase)

Under the Murabahah (cost plus or mark up sales) concept, Accepted Bills-i (Purchase) is a facility granted to the importer to finance the purchase of trading goods (confined to halal and Shariah compliant only) which include raw materials.

Accepted Bills-i (Sales)

The Accepted Bills-i (Sales), which is under Bai’ Al Dayn (sale of debt) is a facility where the exporter is able to obtain immediate funds from the Bank while pending funds from the importer.

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