Code of Ethics on Repossession


  • Permit   holders   must   ensure   that   they   are   in   possession   of   current   and valid permit during the course of carrying out repossession work.
  • As   far   as   possible   the   number   of   authorised   permit   holders   performing repossession activities must   be   minimized   unless   circumstances   warrant any additional assistance.
  • Repossession work can only be carried out daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Permit   holders   issued   with   a   repossession   order   by   owner   should   only   gain entry    into premises with   the   knowledge     and    consent    of  the   occupant. Trespassing into private property is not allowed without a court order obtained by the owner.


Permit holders issued with a repossession order by the owner should be well mannered and dressed  decently. They should ensure the practice of professionalism and dignity in carrying out their work.


The use of  “strong arm tactics”  of  any kind is  strictly prohibited in  the performance of their work.


At the time of repossession, the permit holders should :

  • produce his permit, national registration card and give a standard notice to the hirer informing him of the address and telephone number of the legal owner and the authorised officers he/she can contact immediately to resolve any problem.
  • give a reasonable time to the hirer to inspect the motor vehicle or goods and  remove his personal items and belongings.
  • take photographs of the interior and exterior of the motor vehicle or goods and provide such photographs to the legal owner.
  • cause to be issued an inventory list to state the status and the condition of      the repossessed motor vehicle or goods.

As far as possible repossession should be undertaken in the presence of the hirer or any person authorised to use that motor vehicle or goods.


A police report on the repossession should be lodged as soon as practicable and preferably within 24 hours but in exceptional circumstances, not later than 48 hours from the time of repossession.


Permit holders issued with a repossession order by owner should at all times act in accordance with the laws, regulations, terms and conditions, code of ethics and guidelines issued by the  Controller in the performance of their repossession activities.


Permit holders should also observe any other Code of Ethics or Guidelines issued from time to time by the Controller.