Also known as a Mudi' in a Wadiah Account and Rabbul-Mal in a Mudharabah Investment Account.

Wealth that one needs to pay back to the other.

The person who is applying for the financing facility with the bank. In conventional banking he/she is known as a borrower.

Bai Inah is a contract of the sale of goods on a deferred payment basis under which the customer will pay the bank installments for the asset sold.

Refers to a method of sale on deferred payment basis at a price which includes profit margin agreed by the Bank and the Customer.

Sale on future delivery.
A contract whereby the payment is made in cash at the point of contract but delivery will be made at the pre-determined future date.

An agreement between two parties which is legally accepted and binding. It is formed with the declaration of Ijab (proposal) and Qabul (acceptance).

Refers to deposit in trust.
Entails absence of liability for loss except in breach of duty.
Current Accounts are regarded as Amanah (trust).
If the bank gets authority to use the funds for its businesses, then it would transform into loan.