Retail Negotiable Islamic Debt Certificate (R-NIDC)

Retail Negotiable Islamic Debt Certificate (R-NIDC) is a debt certificate issued by the Bank, negotiated on issuance and based on the Shariah principle of Bai' Bithaman Ajil. 

Features and benefits:

  • Exclusively for retail customers' placement i.e. individuals aged 18 years and above and non-individuals (sole proprietorships, partnerships and small and medium enterprises (SMEs))
  • R-NIDC is only offered to Malaysian residents
  • Low minimum Nominal Amount i.e. RM10,000. There is no maximum Nominal Amount.
  • Available tenure is up to 5 years
  • R-NIDC can be issued at par/premium/discount
  • No fees and charges for placement of R-NIDC. However, customers are required to open and maintain an Islamic savings/current account ("Designated Account") with the Bank in order to place in the R-NIDC. Fees and charges may be chargeable on the Designated Account, where the details of the fees and charges are available upon request or from the Bank's branches and PIBB website.
  • Optional Cash Line Facility-i is available to the customers subject to application where the R-NIDC certificate will be pledged as collateral.
How is R-NIDC differ from Term Deposit-i?‚Äč
Features R-NIDC Term Deposit-i
Nominal Amount/

  • Yes, only if held to maturity
  • Selling of R-NIDC to the Bank prior to maturity may result in partial loss on the initial Nominal Amount
  • Any selling of the R-NIDC to the Bank prior to the maturity date is subject to the maturity date is subject to the buy/purchase rates that will be published by the Bank
  • Yes, regardless of being held to maturity or early withdrawal

Covered by PIDM
  • No
  • Yes


Not eligible for protection by PIDM

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