No. Type of Charges Amount 
1 Dun and Bradstreet Trade checking on drawee of large trade bills exceeding RM200,000.00 RM79.00 per unit on reimbursement basis
2 Cheque honoured resulting in Temporary Cash Line Facility-i (TCLF-i) or Temporary Excess Cash Line Facility-i (TECLF-i) RM150.00 per cheque honoured
(subject to a maximum of RM750.00 per customer per day i.e. 5 Cheques per day)
3 Current Accounts-i - Processing fee for cheque honoured resulting in TECLF- i/TCLF-i being created
  • First RM2,000.00 or part thereof: RM20.00
  • Every subsequent RM1,000.00 or part thereof: RM10.00
4 Reimbursement cost for site inspection of project to support drawdown of bridging financing RM200.00 for each progressive release (applicable for Non-SME/Corporate Bridging Financing Customer only)
5 Specific request for:-
  • Change in credit terms & conditions (except for the request to insure property(ies) charged to the Bank by Non-Panel Takaful/Impaired Financing and/or R & R cases)
  • Reinstatement of House Financing or Term Financing which have been paid down


RM200.00 per approved request


Request for Redemption/Settlement Statement for the purpose of partial / full settlement of Property Financing

  • House Financing (Individual)
  • Commercial Financing (Individual, Business or Company)

(with effect from 01/03/2017)


RM50.00 per request
RM50.00 per request
7 Request to redeem Title / Lot RM50.00 per title / lot
8 Confirmation of signatories for Government Tender Purpose RM20.00 per request
9 Confirmation / Statement issued to house financing customers for EPF withdrawal RM20.00
10 Administrative Fee for Security Documents for Plus Cash Line  RM100.00
11 Retrieval of Financing and Securities Documents in Bank's Custody RM20.00 per request plus photostating charges (with effect from 28/09/2018)
12 Disbursement Charges for Financing under Contract Financing RM250.00 per financing release
13 Processing Fee on facilities secured by unit trust RM50.00
14 Request for additional financing account statement RM5.00 per page
15 Cancellation Fee for Mortgage Financing / Property Financing in the event that the approved facilities are cancelled prior to the disbursement of facilities RM2,000.00
16 Service Fee for Redraw Facility-i RM50.00 for each successful redrawal transaction
17 Processing Fee/Upfront Fee:
  • Processing Fee*
Type Financing Amount Processing Fee
Purchase/Refinancing of Residential Property under HOME/MORE Plan Up to RM30,000.00 RM50.00
RM30,001.00 to RM100,000.00 RM100.00
Above RM100,000.00 RM200.00
Purchase of Commercial & Industrial Property (excluding land) under SWIFT/SMILAX Plan RM200.00
  • Upfront Fee*
Type Facility Fee Chargeable
Facility(ies) Secured by All Types of Land (excluding Bridging Financing) 0.1% - 0.2% of total financing amount subject to a minimum of RM500.00
Bridging Financing 0.2% of total financing amount subject to a minimum of RM3,000.00
*Note: The computation of the Processing Fee/Upfront Fee for financing applications are to exclude the amount of MRPA/MRTT/BFTT, etc. financed.
18 Commitment Fee No commitment fee on unutilised amount of Revolving Credit-i
19 BAE Personal Financing-i/BAE AG Personal Financing-i:
  • Stamp-duty on Asset Sale Agreement     
  • Stamp-duty on the Letter of Offer

Ad Valorem
RM10.00 each