Remittances and Standing Instructions

No. Type of Charges Amount
1 Purchase of Banker's Cheque
  • RM5.00 commission
  • RM0.50 cheque processing fee
  • RM0.15 stamp duty
Applicable for each banker's cheque issued including new public share issue applications in favour of MIDF/MIH
2 Purchase of Foreign Demand Draft RM2.00 for amount of RM5,000.00 equivalent and below plus Cost of Advice to Agent
3 Replacement or refund of Banker's Cheque reported lost RM20.00 inclusive of stamp duty
4 Replacement or refund of Foreign Demand Draft reported lost RM20.00 each plus RM10.00 stamp duty for Indemnity Letter plus cost of wire plus agent charges
5 Replacement or refund of stale Banker's Cheque / Demand Draft RM20.00
6 Cancellation of Banker's Cheque (exclude new public share issue applications) RM2.00 per piece
7 Cancellation of Foreign Demand Draft (original draft presented) RM5.00 per piece plus cost of wire
8 Outward telegraphic transfer in Malaysian Ringgit RM10.00
9 Outward telegraphic transfer in foreign currencies RM2.00 for amount of RM5,000.00 equivalent and below plus Cost of Wire
10 Transfer of funds through RENTAS
  • Over-the-counter
  • RM5.00 per transaction
11 Inward RENTAS Payment Free of charge
12 Interbank GIRO Payment System
  • Over-the-counter
  • Via Internet and mobile banking
  • Via ATM
  • RM0.30 per transaction
    Note: Free of charge for senior citizens (aged of 60 years and above) and disabled persons.
  • Free of charge (effective 13 June 2018)
  • Free of charge (effective 1 July 2018)
13 Inward Telegraphic Transfer with payment instruction
  • Credit online into customer's account
  • Pay on identification
  • Credit an account maintained at another bank
  • RM5.00
  • RM5.00 plus stamp duty
  • RM10.00
14 Standing instructions  
  • Within branch
RM2.00 per item
  • Interbranch transfer
RM5.00 per item
  • Payment to third parties
Standing Instruction (SI) payment method Charges (RM) Total (RM)
SI Banker's Cheque (BC) Cheque processing fee Interbank GIRO (IBG) RENTAS
BC 5.00 5.00 0.50 - - 10.50^
IBG 5.00 - - 0.30 - 5.30
RENTAS 5.00 - - - 5.00 10.00

^ Excluding postage for sending BC

The relevant stamp duty* for stamping the periodical payment form is also to be imposed.

  • Payment to third parties – Enhanced Standing Instruction (ESI)
RM3.00 for each successful ESI
  • Unsuccessful attempt on the instruction date due to insufficient funds
RM5.00 per transaction
Stamp duty for Standing Instruction*
Description of Instruments / Documents Stamp Duty Payable
Periodical Payment Form Where payee is not a third party RM10.00
Where payee is a third party Waived
15 Cancellation of Foreign Outward Telegraphic Transfer
  • Actual cable charges
  • Agent charges
  • Handling Charges of RM30.00

For Outward Foreign Remittances, Agent charges could be applicable depending on the currency and destination. All charges outside Malaysia are to be borne by the beneficiary unless instructions to the contrary are given.