A service under the Shariah contract of Al-Ijarah, provided by the Bank by renting out the boxes to customers.  It is a secured, individually segregated container to store and protect your valuables.


  • Yearly rental on boxes according to sizes
  • Security is assured as premise is guarded 24 hours a day
  • Dual control of key lock system
  • Privacy and confidentiality are assured
  • Various box sizes available at reasonable rental rates
  • All new and existing Public Bank or Public Islamic Bank Savings Account/Account-i or Current Account/Account-i
  • Non-individuals/individuals 18 years and above
Sizes & Annual Rental

Safe Deposit Box-i Sizes and Annual Rental:

No. SDB-i Size (Inches) Available at Annual Rental
1. 3 x 10 x 24 PIBB Jalan Kota Branch RM300
2. 5 x 10 x 24 PIBB Putrajaya & Jalan Kota Branches RM350
3. 10 x 10 x 24 PIBB Putrajaya & Jalan Kota Branches RM450


  1. Rental rates are subject to change.
  2. Rental payment is via Standing Instruction.